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Patrol officers make an arrest

The Drug Task Force is composed of officers from this agency with specialized training in the techniques and strategies needed to correctly identify illegal narcotics and combat drug trafficing.  In addition, the members of the Task Force work closely with other local and federal agencies by assisting in raids and sharing narcotic activity intellegence.  Other sources of information include a network of informants and undercover surveillance operations.  The goal of the Drug Task Force is to minimize the negative impact that narcotics abuse has on our community.

Members of the Drug Task Force receive specialized training enabling them to identify illegal narcotics by sight, smell and chemical analysis.  There is also additional training in the physical and psychological effects of commonly used narcotics.  One of our officers has been given the highest possible distinction in this area of expertise, Drug Recognition Expert.  This knowledge enables members of the Drug Task Force to do their jobs more effectively and reduces the danger of unpredictable and violent behavior associated with people under the influence of drugs.
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Image of Meth Laboratory

If you notice any of the following indicators at residences in your neighborhood, it is possible that there may be illegal, drug-related activity occuring there.

  • Constant traffic with brief visits
  • Visitors often seem nervous or anxious
  • Visitors may be armed or carry weapons
  • Inordinate amounts of activity late into the evening
  • Presence of odor similar to burning weeds or plants
  • Presence of chemicals or strong chemical odors
  • Residents seem to be overly guarded or paranoid
  • Presence of drug paraphernalia, clothing and artwork
  • Limited or no other known means of income or support
If you suspect there may be drug activity in your neighborhood, contact the police as soon as possible.  Drug users and dealers can often be unpredictable and violent.  Meth labs are highly combustable and potentially explosive.  If possible, note descriptions of people and vehicles you see frequenting the residence.
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