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This page is a resource for parents, educators or anyone else who suspects another person is involved in illegal drug activity.  The page is divided into sections for marijuana, methamphetamines, heroin, prescription medications, ecstasy and mushrooms.  Each section has descriptions of the drug itself, slang terminology, associated paraphernalia and resources for further investigation.

This agency would like to thank the Boise Police Department for their assistance in compiling and distributing this information and the Drug Enforcement Administration for the use of  images and other resources.

Marijuana buds

Marijuana is rivaled only by methamphetamines in number of users and availabilty in this area.   Marijuana users are typically younger, less experienced drug abusers.  There are numerous varieties of marijuana, but it typically appears to be small, dried buds of plant material and is recognizable by its pungent odor.

Look for: Marijuana is often kept in baggies or small plastic contains such as film canisters or candy packaging.  Users may have stickers with the numbers 420, which means time to smoke, or 840, double the high.

Slang: Chronic, Dank, Weedud, Green, B.  When high on marijuana, users may say someone is baked or stoned.

Paraphernalia: pipes, bongs, scales, rolling papers, and lighters.  Both metal and colorful glass store bought pipes are popular.  Home made pipes and bongs are made from pop cans, bottles and other sources.  Users may also have clothing, posters or drawings with marijuana or hemp symbols.

Storage: zip-lock baggies (found with plant residue), wooden boxes, film canisters, other unique small storage containers.

Research Resources: Drug Enforcement Administration website.
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