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To determine if your lost property is currently in this or a surrounding local agency's found property, complete the notification form below and click the submit button.  If your property is located, you will receive a response via email or phone if provided.  All notifications will be kept on file for six months.  IMPORTANT: This notification does not constitute an official police report.  It is strongly recommended that you file a police report in person for valuable or sensitive items

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Full Name:    Daytime Phone: Email Address:
Address / Location Lost:   
Type of Lost Item (i.e. Purse, keys ...):    Color: Relative Size:
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Provide detailed description of lost property:
Thank You

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for your notification.  Upon receipt of this notification, we will search our database of this and other local agencies for any item turned in that matches your property.  If we find any items that match the description given, you will be notified.

When you close this message, you will be returned to the Lost Property Notification web page.  Click one of the following if you would like to go somewhere else:
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