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Typically, you will get a parking ticket for one of the following:

  • Parking in a handicap parking zone without displaying the placard or plate properly (10.06.030).
  • Parking in a fire zone, even if the vehicle is occupied or if you are parked for loading (10.04.050).
  • Parking in an area designated as a no parking zone (10.04.050).
  • Blocking a driveway, even if it is your own driveway (10.04.050).
  • Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant (10.04.050).

To see a complete list of parking violations see section 10.04.050 in the Chubbuck City Code.

Except for handicap parking violations which are $50, most violations are $10 each if paid on time.  You have three options available to resolve a parking ticket.  First, you may send a check payable to the “City of Chubbuck” in the envelope provided with the ticket.  Second, you may pay the ticket in person at the Chubbuck Police Department office during normal business hours (we don’t accept credit or debit cards).  Third, you may contest the ticket by asking for a uniform citation and appear on the charge at the courthouse.
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Cotant Park Map Cotant Park
Cotant Park Map
Baseball Field(s) Basketball Court(s) Paved Paths Pavilion Playground Area Restrooms Tennis Court(s)
Cotant Park
has always served as the host of many of the City's most popular summer activities including the annual Chubbuck Days celebration and boy's youth baseball games.  Unfortunately, this often leads to an influx of vehicles all trying to park as close as possible to the action.  In order to allow the residents who live near the park the ability to park in front of their homes, the City has designated the roadway directly in front of the residences facing Cotant Park a no parking without permit zone.

Parking in the posted zones without a permit on display will result in your vehicle being ticketed.  The City coverted much of the southern end of Cotant Park into an off-street parking area to accomodate more vehicles.

Residents of Victor Lane and Teton Street can get parking permits at the Chubbuck Police Department during regular business hours for free.
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