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Canine Officer and Marco

Marco is our Canine Officer.  He was born and trained in Europe.  Marco was paid for with funds seized from drug users and dealers, saving the City's taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Marco, and his handler Officer Call, are on-call at all times to assist this Department's officers and other surrounding agencies with any call where his particular skills will be useful.  Marco and Officer Call have just completed certification in apprehensions and narcotics enforcement.  Future training for more certifications is planned.

Marco is a great asset to this agency and will help us make this community safer and more drug-free for years to come.
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As you can see by the pictures below, Marco is one busy puppy.  Canines perform the following important tasks and many more to assist their human handlers in the field;

  • Search for hidden suspects
  • Apprehend fleeing suspects
  • Search for lost persons
  • Building searchs and clearing
  • Protect his handler and other officers
  • Clear vehicles after a high risk felony stop
  • Conduct public demonstrations
  • Search for and detect the odor of narcotics
  • Be a visual deterrent for crime
If you have questions or would like to arrange a presentation, phone or email Officer Call.
Marco One

Always Vigilent

Marco Two

Mighty Big Chew Toy

Marco One

Me And The Boss

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