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SRT Patch

The Special Response Team is composed of select officers who volunteer to accept specialized training for the most dangerous situations in law enforcement such as hostage rescue or dealing with armed suspects who pose an imminent threat to the community or themselves.

The Special Response Team is continually in need of new venues for training exercises.  If you have access to an unoccupied structure or would allow access to your business, please contact Staff Seargent Frasure.  We thank you in advance for any training assistance you can offer this agency.

The level of training that the Special Response Team receives on a continuous basis is among the best in the State for an agency the size of the Chubbuck Police Department.  The team is well prepared for scenarios such as active shooters in public venues, terrorist attacks, hostage situations and much more.   In addition, this agency can call on the resources of other local, state and federal agencies as needed.

SRT Team

The Special Response Team takes great pride in the fact that this agency has been a local leader in the adoption and in the field use of non-lethal tactics and technologies such as spray chemical deterrents and taser weaponry.  It is the intention of this agency to resolve each and every crisis with the minimum necessary force and potential danger to innocent victims and officers. 

Other equipment, such as infared lenses, quality personal armor, and high-powered rifles in well-trained hands, make the Special Response Team a force capable of effectively neutralizing most threats to the community should the need arise.
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