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Kids at a daycare.  Photo courtesy of Doug Carlson

The Chubbuck Police Department is commited to protecting the community's most important resource - our children. Daycare licensing and other information is divided into the three sections found on the tabs below.

This department also accepts anonymous comments or concerns about any daycare or child care provider within City limits.  If you have questions, please feel free to email the Records Division or call us at 238-2376.

The first step in establishing a licensed daycare in Chubbuck city limits is to get a business license.  For business license information you can email or call 237-2430.  The following inspections are required for business licensing;

The next step is to get a daycare packet from the Chubbuck Police Department Records Bureau.  Among other things in this packet, you will find information about meeting the following requirements:

  • Criminal background for all employees or volunteers: $75 each
  • Criminal background for inhabitants over age twelve: $75 each
  • Idaho Health Department inspection: $70
  • CPR and first aid training for all paid and unpaid caregivers
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Records Bureau by email or phone at 238-2376.
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How long does it take to get a license?
The amount of time required fluctuates depending on several variables such as structural improvements needed after inspection and the willingness of applicant to respond to requests in a timely manner.  Also, it should be noted that the above list of steps is not inclusive and other requirements for licensing may need to be met.  On average, the process takes no less than six weeks.
What if I am only watching relatives?
The regulations, costs and requirements for relative-only care are very different.  If you are a registered Idaho Child Care Program (ICCP) provider, contact the Records Bureau by email or phone at 238-2376 for more information and assistance.
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